Sistemi di soluzioni di imballaggio automatizzate

Sistemi di soluzioni di imballaggio automatizzate

Soluzione di imballaggio automatizzata

  • 720
  • 1
    Packer needed only
  • 100%
    Reduction in Wrong orders

The Umailer® automated packaging system emerged in a background when the Faster growing sales and broader product selection brought to the business, most e-commerce companies are facing fulfillment complexities that could threaten the efficiency and profitability of its operations. Automation becomes critical in allowing them to remain competitive as they grow and in optimizing labor efficiencies, so their existing workforce could focus on more value-added tasks.

The Umailer® automated packaging solution allows orders to move faster with less time and labor required for sorting, label application, scanning or manual packing.

  • Confezionatrice Umailer
    Confezionatrice Umailer
    Macchina automatica per confezionare i prodotti in imballi protettivi della giusta dimensione.
  • Integrazione dell
    Integrazione dell'hardware
    Progettazione hardware personalizzata incluso sistema di trasporto, sistema di scarto, sistema di pre-manipolazione ecc.
  • Integrazione software
    Integrazione software
    Integrazione software in info. Sistema, incluso WMS, sistema di gestione degli ordini ecc.
  • Ottimizzazione dei processi
    Ottimizzazione dei processi
    Semplifica il processo di confezionamento e il sistema di formazione per implementare il nuovo sistema di confezionamento.

Automated Packaging Solution:

The horizontal, in-line Umailer system integrates convenience into existing packaging lines including other automated equipment that can weigh, sort and load packages. Pulling info from customers' WMS, Umailer system can seals the products in the right size protective package, prints and applies the shipping label, and verifies order accuracy.

The resulting package is fully-scanned, labeled, validated packaged that's ready for immediate shipment.

Advantages  of Umailer Automated Packaging System :

Continuous flow (fully automated process eliminated previous peel and stick process).

Throughput speeds increased to 720 packs per hour and productivity improved >30%.

Reduced staffing level to one operator to pick and place products on the conveyor

Patented Umailer tracing system to monitor the order and logistic information, then reject wrong orders automatically to eliminate

Features of Umailer Automated Packaging System:

  • Energy-saving and environment-friendly: no need of sealing tape. Reduce resources and plastic pollution.

  • Small footprint: 1.5m3 only for the whole system.

  • Easy operation: User friendly interface,operator only need a simple training to start.

  • Automatically apply express information: The information of the express will be generated by the system, then automatically print and apply on the package.

  • Labor Saving: Only need one operator can pack and distribute the goods quickly.

Umailer Automated Packaging System is the perfect solution for e-commerce packing, which is an integration of packing, express label print, express label apply, package conveying. It will significantly reduce labor involvement and improve packing efficiency.

Confezionatrice Umailer

Integrazione dell'hardware

Integrazione software

Ottimizzazione dei processi

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